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How to prepare for an interview with Revolent

The fact that all your data is in the cloud does not mean that they cannot be hacked into. No matter how secure you feel that your software is, you have to put it through rigorous penetration testing. Ethical hackers have to mimic the fraudulent hackers out there to prepare and fortify your software against the worst possible attack.

  • We are looking for someone who has at least 7 years of IT industry experience with hands on experience on Devops and has a background of Java based development.
  • The role of a devOps engineer combines aspects of a technical role and an IT operations role.
  • DevOps is a vast environment that covers almost all technologies and processes.

The course covered lots of topics from advanced Excel, R, and Python. During the course we completed a project which we presented to the industry. It was a challenging exam but with the material learnt I passed and found very rewarding. I would highly recommend purple beard the tutors are very approachable and the online format is like being in a virtue classroom in your home. I would like to say, the support I’ve received and the training, has been A+++. I work in the apprenticeship industry albeit the context is different, but similar to what you provide.

Common AWS recruitment questions

Your best bet is to choose DevOps certifications accredited by prominent tech companies or relevant organisations. They demonstrate your expertise and enable recruiters to validate your skills through certification providers. Learning infrastructure as code is one of the most crucial aspects of becoming a DevOps engineer. As a DevOps engineer, you should know when to and how to set up your machine. A sound understanding aws cloud engineer of the OS concepts will help you be more productive in your programming, including writing codes faster, interacting with input-output devices and communicating with the other OS. Below, we’ll outline the complete DevOps engineer roadmap to acquiring the necessary skills. To correctly identify, analyze, and correct the threats to a system, a company must adopt the above threat modeling technique.

Know what best practices are, as well as methods used to protect data through encryption and firewalls. Documents project-planning assumptions, functional requirements, product features and specifications for programmers Recommends Operational and process improvements based on efficiencies and available technologies. The collaborating organisations will deliver the learning experience, provide learners with a pathway to earning AWS Certification, and support them as they launch their careers in cloud computing.

If you’re interested to know more about our employee benefits and perks, you can download the booklet.

It is a good strategy to bare your work-related weaknesses and make your strengths about how you address or addressed those weaknesses to tightly-knit your answer.Do not humblebrag. No one wants to hear “My greatest weakness is that I’m too perfect for this job.” Be human, make sure you can connect in that aspect.

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